Flying Fox

Flying Fox is a sustainable blockchain gaming studio creating a Play, Learn and Earn metaverse. Our mission, at Flying Fox, is to revolutionise education and conservation using blockchain technology. Using Unity and Polygon (Matic) technology, we aim to bridge the gap between non-blockchain users and Web 3.0, through the various educational stages of our game.
To achieve our mission, we are building two interconnected games:

Introductory Flying Fox Game

A fun and educational free to play mobile app, with simple and fun gameplay that introduces users to blockchain and sustainability through bite-sized educational content. Currently on App Stores for open testing with a soft launch planned for June 2022 on iOS and Android.

Flying Fox: Endangered World Metaverse

A play, learn and earn open-world 3D metaverse game using blockchain features such as DeFi and NFTs. Planned to be released for testing in December 2022. An early demo is already available to give a feel of the basic mechanics before the official release.

How the games are connected

Players can collect off-chain coins in the free to play game, exchange them for an NFT avatar outside of the app and then use the NFT to enter to Play, Learn and Earn metaverse.